lucky you... get to meet my adorable Nookster!

do you want nookster too?...go to Noel's Nook

Nookster is all over my pages and keeps a track on all the exciting things happening here.

Cleans my computer desk when he is bored!

He loves happy hearts and a smiling face....

Adores eating too .... so all goodies are welcome!



He is sure to share them with all his friends here!

*tweet- to- hoo*




*tweet- to- hoo*



you too can adopt nookster if you ask Noel at

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FFAS-Friends For All Seasons we'll take you to other hidden treasures... wow

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Yuppie! You found me... JAMMIE

Though I am Nookster's best friend,

you may *click* and take me to your home,

but please link me back to:

so that others may find me too....


nookster loves mail....


please sign... ;)